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CAHA Membership Application and Renewal

In order to be considered a CAHA member in good standing the following must apply for and maintain CAHA membership:

All existing or new - 

Youth or Girls Leagues,

Youth, Girls, Adaptive or Officiating Associations,

Youth or Girls Independent Teams.

CAHA membership renewal is an ANNUAL requirement to be completed prior to the start of each season.  

Application for first time membership and yearly membership renewal consists of submitting the required documents and information ONLINE to the CAHA secretary. 

A chart listing required information along with necessary forms can be found in the right hand column.

The following documents are provided at the request of the CAHA Membership.  The following areas must be addressed in the appropriate League, Association or Independent Team Documents.  This requirement can be met by addressing the areas within the Bylaws, Policies, Association Handbook, etc.  There is no requirement for each area to be addressed in a separate document.

Anda Craven

CAHA Secretary