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What are the most popular logo designs in Colorado youth hockey?

By Thaddeus Carroll, SportsEngine, 07/14/21, 6:30PM MDT


Hub exclusive: Birds, bears, mountains and hockey sticks reign supreme in the state's the youth hockey scene.

Hundreds of teammates walk through the doors of Colorado youth hockey clubs and associations each season. They arrive wearing different outfits. One player might have jeans and a t-shirt, another pajamas, or maybe even a suitcoat. However, when they take to the ice for a game, they all don gear with the same logo. It could be centrally located on the chest of a sweater or on a helmet. Where it's found, the logo is a symbol representing the team and often times the community.

As a Colorado Hockey Hub staff member, I combed through 34 of those youth hockey club logos, separate of any league or high school, and found a few fun and interesting trends to share. I've also provide an example of logos I wanted to spotlight along with each discovery.

First off, animals are the most popular subject. Twenty-one logos featured an animal or pack of animals as the centerpiece. Broken down further, two animal types appear to be at the apex of the mascot kingdom – birds and bears.  

Five clubs featured a bird as their primary logo, including three eagles. Meanwhile, four bears roamed the list.

Below is my summary of the findings. Please note: In no way are the logos listed below a ranking of the organizations themselves, rather a personal opinion of the logo's artistic and communal qualities.

This logo also highlights another popular trend, the use of hockey sticks. Twelve clubs include the stick in their logo and seven occasions include two criss-cross stick in the classic formation, similar to the logo.

The third-most common occurrence is the use of mountains — fitting considering Colorado has the 15 of the 20 highest peaks and the longest mountain range in the continental U.S. 

Nine teams use mountains as the landscape, foreground or even primary eye-catcher in their logo.   

Contrary to the previous logo distinctions, one will find very few man-made objects serving as the primary mascots in Colorado youth hockey (that may show the power of charismatic megafauna). However, the three such logos fitting the bill, each knocked it out of the park in some way.

Finally, one of the most unique logos in youth hockey for reasons beyond any category or common trait  — though it has many.

In no way are the logos listed above a ranking of the organizations themselves, but rather a personal opinion of the logo's artistic and communal qualities. Vote for one of your favorites below.  

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