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Ranking NHL reverse retro jerseys: No. 11-15

By Alex Weinman, SportsEngine , 11/21/22, 8:00AM MST


Members only: We take an in depth look into each reverse retro jersey worn by an NHL squad and give them a ranking.

No. 14 - Buffalo Sabres 

Ok yeah that’s pretty cool. If you can’t win, design a nice jersey. It’s simple but it works, and I’m okay without the usual black and red. 

No. 13 - New Jersey Devils 

It’s easy to forget that the Rockies have not always been the  underperforming Major League Baseball team of Denver (yeah yeah, they made the World Series in 2007); the color scheme of these jersey is a nice nod to their relocation from Denver to Newark in 1982, and although the blue around the logo isn’t ugly enough to be cool like the green retro jerseys, these are an overall win. 

No. 12 - Nashville Predators 

I don’t care what you say, these are pretty cool. Yeah the cat looks a little weird, and yeah it’s a lot of yellow, but it’s a great nod to the old mustard cat 

Upcoming: No. 6-10

Stay tuned for a release of rankings No. 6-10 as we countdown the best reverse retro jerseys in the NHL. 

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