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Ranking NHL reverse retro jerseys: No. 6-10

By Alex Weinman, SportsEngine , 11/28/22, 8:00AM MST


Members only: We take an in depth look into each reverse retro jersey worn by an NHL squad and give them a ranking.

No. 10 - Vegas Golden Knights 


Yeah, Vegas having a reserve retro jersey is weird. But what they lack in history they make up for in creativity, because the diagonal “Vegas” really pops against the black base. It does look like a caveman drew the numbers though…what is that font?

No. 6 - New York Rangers 


You can’t go wrong with Lady Liberty (except for last year’s design, apparently). This year’s jerseys are a sleek and refined look for the most popular team in America’s largest city. They look pretty modern, as the “NYR” font looks like it’s off the “Thor” movie cover and the crest is pretty low on the front, creating a lot of solid blue space. Although nothing about this design really screams retro, overall they’re good looking.

Upcoming: No. 1-5 


Stay tuned for a release of the final rankings No. 1-5 as we countdown the best reverse retro jerseys in the NHL. 

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