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Welcome to High Plains Hockey League

Attention Scorekeepers!

A few things to be aware of:

Do NOT give zero minute penalties!  All penalties, including all game misconducts and all penalties at the end of the game, must be recorded with the appropriate minutes - 2, 5, or 10.  Youth hockey also does not use game penalty or game ejection penalties.  See below for acceptable options.

Do NOT use the "Select All" feature!  This feature causes all disabled players to show up.  Those players do not show up when printing the pre-game sheet, so they are not crossed off there.  This is causing problems with jv eligibllity and the monitoring of suspensions!  It is OK to use "select all active".

At the end of the game, select "next play" NOT "start new period".  Starting a new period at the game's end adds OT and gives a point to the losing team.

Acceptable penalty choices are the ones that are not crossed out.

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