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11/23/20 - All CCYHL League Games are suspended until Jan 9th

11/23/20 - All CRHL League Games are paused until Jan 9th

Rink/Association Home Game Status

Rink Association Game Status Date Shut Down Restart Date Last Updated
Apex Ice Center Arvada Hockey Assoc No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Carlston - Lafayette Lafayette Locomotives No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/20
Edge Ice Rink Foothills Hockey Assoc No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Edge Ice Rink Littleton Hockey Assoc No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Epic - Fort Collins NCYH No home games Unknown 11/08/20
Family Sports Center Arapahoe Youth Hockey Scrimmage Only N/A N/A 11/08/2020
Foothills Ice Rink Foothills Hockey Assoc No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Foothills Ice Rink Lakerwood Lakers No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Ice Center at Promenade (ICAP) Hyland Hills Hockey Assoc No home games Nov 9, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020
Ice Ranch Littleton Hockey Assoc Scrimmage Only N/A N/A 11/08/20
South Suburban Arapahoe Youth Hockey Scrimmage Only N/A N/A 11/08/20
Sport Stable - Superior Boulder Hockey Club No home games Nov 6, 2020 Unknown 11/08/2020

Current Rink/Association Game Status

COVID Policies - by Rink

Each rink within the state of Colorado has its own rules and policies regarding Covid that players, coaches, and parents are required to follow.

Below are Covid policies in pdf format or links directly to the website for that rink.  These rules are subject to change at any time and without warning. Every effort will be made to update as new information becomes available. 

If you do not see the rink you are looking for please contact your Association Scheduler.

Sport Stable - Superior

Please click on the link to go to the Sport Stable Covid Policies on their website

Welcome to NGIN Scoring and Statistics

We have made some changes to the scoring section of the Colorado Hockey Hub

What's new and different?

  • Team naming has been standardized across all leagues to ensure that the Rankings System for CAHA state accurately reflects each teams games during the season.
  • Gone are the Squirts, Peewees, Bantams and Midgets! They have been replaced by age levels 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. This is to bring the scoring system inline with how USA Hockey designates age divisions.
  • Request for NGIN Permissions - those requiring access to the scoring system to enter scheduled games, upload team rosters, and scoring access must complete the NGIN Permission Request Form (see below)
  • Request for Game Corrections - new form coming soon!
  • Information specific to each League - will be added to each League home page. This information may include any rules or procedures or any information deemed necessary by a particular League.

NGIN Permissions Request Form

For those of you who require access as your Associations Webmaster, Scheduler, Registrar or Tournament Director. Please complete the NGIN Permissions request form below. Team Mgrs/Coaches will NOT be given permissions under their personal logins. They are required to use their Associations Scoring logins.

If approved, permissions will be granted within 24 hours of receipt.

If you are a registered member of the CO Hockey Hub you will be able to view all content on the site. Please do not request permissions as outlined above. This form is for specific individuals who need access to the scoring platform.

NGIN Permissions Request Form

Those requiring access to NGIN for game scheduling, and ngin rosters must complete the NGIN Permissions Request Form. Team Mgrs/Coaches will not be granted permissions and must use their Associations scoring logins.

CAHA Game Correction Form

Please remember all requests for Game Corrections changes have to comply with the CAHA Policy and Procedures Section 3. The CAHA Game Correction Form is for Coaches, Team Managers, Hockey Directors and League Officials only. Requests from parents and/or players will be ignored.  A copy of the written game sheet must accompany each game correction request. No exceptions.

Please do not submit for Invalid Overtimes. Finalized games are reviewed and corrected weekly for invalid OT's.

DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR Corrections to CHSAA games. As per CHSAA policy all corrections must be submitted to CHSAA for approval prior to corrections being done by CAHA

Paula Harvey

ESS Scoring Administrator

Important Reminders

Access to Scoring & Statistics

In order to view the Scoring and Statistics for each League you must be a registered member of the Colorado Hockey Hub.

Membership is free. If you are not a member please register at the link below.

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