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2023 - 2024 TOURNAMENTS

Sanctioned Tournaments

Colorado Tournaments for the 2023-2024 season are posted by month(s) once received.  Tournament specifics can be accessed via the tabs below.

Colorado Tournaments that are not listed here might not be CAHA and/or USA Hockey sanctioned events.  If the tournament is not listed, check with the Affiliate Registrar to find out if the tournament is still in the process of being approved. Refer to the right side bar for procedures to follow if attending a non USAH sanctioned and/or non CAHA approved tournament.

Teams participating in CAHA sanctioned tournaments will need to provide their USAH 1-T roster (or official Federation roster if a non-US team) to their tournament director a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

Teams coming from Canada will also need to provide an approved travel permit a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

Reminder that USAH 2021-2025 and CAHA rules are being used

Unless stated otherwise, tournaments will be following USAH 2021-25  and CAHA 2023-24 rules. Some of these are highlighted below.

  • Minor penalty for 12U and younger with periods of 12 minutes or less = 1 minute
  • Minor penalty for 12U and younger with periods greater than 12 minutes, but less than 17 minutes = 1:30 minutes
  • Minor penalty for all other groups = 2 minutes
  • Major for all groups = 5 minutes
  • Misconduct for all groups = 10 minutes
  • Match penalty for all groups = 5 minutes
  • 4 penalties in a game = GM for player
  • HC suspended if team receives 12 or more penalties in a game.
  • No tag up offsides for any age group with exception of HS and adult.
  • No icing the puck when short handed in any age group with exception of HS and adult.

Tournament Links

Unsanctioned Play

CAHA member teams opting to participate in unsanctioned games, tournaments or events must do so in compliance with USAH and CAHA policies (below).  Each participant must also fill out an Acknowledgment of Non-USA Hockey/CAHA Sanctioned Event form (below).

Tournament Files